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  • Content display method:
  1. I have appropriate browser plugin (Let My browser handle publication's content) - requires download and install the appropriate software depending on your operating system and Web browser.

  2. DjVu built-in applet - requires the installation and configuration of the Java Virtual Machine (download from ORACLE).

  3. DjVU - HTML5 - does not require any installation.
  • Problems with the Chrome browser (built-in or plug-in applet DjVu)
42 version of Chrome has been locked external plugins using NPAPI. This includes plug DjVu and Java applets.

The company Cuminas, creator of one of the NPAPI plugins to open DjVu files, made available an extension to Chrome.
  • Problems with the browser Firefox (Plug)
The 64-bit version of the Firefox browser have disabled all plugins in addition to Flash and Silverlight.
  • Problems with the Java virtual machine (built-in applet DjVu)
More information in section "What should I do when I see a security prompt from Java?", subsection "Java application with no certificate (Unsigned)".

For more information about adding the URL of the digital library to the Exception Site List.
URLs Chelm Digital Library, to be added to the Exception Site List:
  1. http://cyfrowa.chbp.chelm.pl
  2. https://cyfrowa.chbp.chelm.pl - if you use the login panel in Chelm Digital Library.